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Online Strategy
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Why an online strategy?
It is important to have a dot on the horizon. A plan for both the short and the long term to achieve your goals. A good digital strategy can no longer be missed today at a company that takes itself seriously and that has online ambitions. We regularly see that companies have not set up a solid online strategy, do not have much insight into who their target group is and what objectives must be achieved. If you want to be successful online, it is important to make the right choices and to set priorities and focus. Sustainable growth is only possible with a clear strategy and a concrete plan of approach.
We believe that there is no standard solution for a company. Every company has a unique story and unique challenges. Orangedotcom ideally sees itself as an extension of an organization. To be able to do this, we spend a lot of our time understanding the pain of the company. By understanding what is needed, we can operate together successfully.
Our starting point is always the customer journey of your target group. We then look at you as a client: what are your objectives, how do you present yourself (digitally), how are the different channels (paid, owned, earned) organized and what is a logical and feasible strategy and approach. Due to the increasing complexity of a customer journey, our approach is always different.





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    We are happy to explain what we see. We discuss the findings together and sharpen the method based on this input. We look at the entire customer journey and set up a close collaboration with other agencies / stakeholders. We ask you twice a year in an investigation into your experience with us.

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